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My personal world

The picture below represents on a desk with a certain size, the ingredients of my personal world, in a here and now, and also in a there and before. It is only a representation, a snapshot, a personal look at my life as it presents itself to me today, that is to say the 30th of November in 2014.

– Sonia Kanclerski


The objects that make my daily life

representation, world, daily life, sensitivity

Thses are some elements in the world in question:

  • A tablet (heu, not in chocolate),
  • A diary,
  • A notepad with a pencil and a stabilo,
  • A pot with pencils, scissors,
  • A roll of tape,
  • A ruler,
  • A Creative Zen MP3 player,
  • A Star Trek Voyager DVD (season 1),
  • A belt in the form of a Möbius ribbon,
  • The novel: "L'arbre des possibles" (The Tree of Possibilities) by Bernard Werber,
  • A book entitled "L'homme qui voulait être heureux" (The Man who Wanted to be Happy) by Laurent Gounelle,
  • A book entitled "Le pourquoi du comment" (The Why of How) by Daniel Lacotte; I have the No. 2 too,
  • A scientific book "La Valeur de la Science" (The Value of Science) by Henri Poincaré,
  • A book entitled "Les plus beaux lacs des Pyrénées" (The most beautiful lakes of the Pyrenees),
  • A booklet about Wroclaw,
  • A detective story: "Poirot résout three énigmes" (Poirot solves three enigma) by Agatha Christie,
  • A badminton shuttlecock,
  • A video game: Civilization IV,
  • A colorful mini-plane (borrowed from my little boy),
  • A star borrowed from the Christmas tree,
  • A miniature robot,
  • An INSA small pyramid (school memory),
  • A little pink heart, made by my little Flora,
  • A "Bonne fête Maman" wish card, written by my little Nathan,
  • A bronze medal of chess with a rider and a chessboard,
  • A French-Polish dictionary,
  • A cup of... coffee, infusion or tea.