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My projects in computer science

During my schooling and my career, I assisted the development of several projects, in particular GUIs. I also develop tools for my personal account. It is always instructive... I am currently interested in the free world, the WWW development (PHP, HTML, XML, XSL...) and development with an IDE environment, like Delphi by example.

First professional mission: a GUI, VBIMA

A screenshot of the graphical interface of VBIMA.

During my first job, I assisted the development of the VBIMA tool. This program is an environment meant to help to generate test sequences for applications developed in the context of Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) for the A380 Airbus (A380 IMA). VBIMA is made of a high level GUI which can display various widgets (buttons, gauges, sliders, dials, switchs,...) and affect them to the significant manipulated variables (pressure, temperature, time, ...) for the tests to perform. Dashboards of this GUI can directly be adapted from an XML description. VBIMA runs on Sun/Solaris stations, Linux PC or NT PC.

The Delphi IDE

Splash of the Borland Delphi 7 Personal Edition.

After my studies, I was interested in the Borland Delphi IDE, which uses a language based on Pascal. Using the Personal Edition Borland Delphi 7 version, I develop "as my need".

+ A digital library, AdminBooks

A screenshot of my digital library, AdminBooks [UNDER PROGRESS].
Using Delphi 7, I recently develop a digital library AdminBooks which permits to present data about books arranged according to their genre.

+ A personal little tool to administrate files, CopyFilesList

A screenshot of a personal little tool: CopyFilesList.
I also created a little tool named CopyFilesList. A software which permits to copy files scattered on the hard drive (Whose path is mentioned in a list) into a single destination folder.

The web world

Official logo of the MySQL SGBD.

I am also interested in web services (PHP language, wordpress blog, album) and databases (MySQL). I thus developed my own personal website, my personal blog that I named "Pause-café chez Sonia" and an album showing galleries of photos, that found a (strong) echo inside me.

For pleasure, this is the history of my personal website :)

Note that I began to do web development quite soon. The first version of my personal website was put on line when I was a student. These pages provide pieces of information about history and evolution of my personal website.