My personal life

These are several fields - very various - in which I have a certain investment, otherwise an investment certain.

To have an overview in images on my interests, I invite you to consult the page of my personal blog: 'Pause-café chez Sonia': "Who am I?".
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Letters that come together to make a story. I finished a personal autobiographical writing project.

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I regularly read :) Among my favourite genres: detective story, science-fiction and fantastic...

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My personal world

What can it look like the objects of my daily life ? Here is a preview from November 2014.

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Engineering development

Develop software or websites. At work or for my personal account. An XXL passion :)

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My studies [1996-2002]

After high school, I studied science for six years, three years in Tours and three years in Toulouse.

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French, Polish, English, German, Latin, Occitan. These languages are alive in my heart :)

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Pluralistic sciences

I have a curiosity of mind to want to understand things, analyze systems, create and repair them :)

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Hiking and snowshoeing

With snowshoes in winter and with hiking boots in summer. The mountain, it wins me :)

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Personal blog

Among my projects : my personal blog, created in March 2013, that I named Pause-café chez Sonia.

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Psycho cafe at Saint Gély

Reflexion show at Saint Gély du Fesc, near Montpellier, organized by the Psyc & Genre association.

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Questions of society

Living together, humanistic psychology, human rights, education and pedagogy... Think not to fix!

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Badminton, a sport that I practiced at school, then in the club of my town in Muret and in CORPO.

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Poland, an European country

Poland is the land of my ancestors. I often went there during my childhood and my teenage years.

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Chess, the game of my childhood. Practiced at school, at home and in a club: l'échiquier descartois.

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Critical mind, are you there? I assist in some lectures of circles of zététique in the region.

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I travel regularly. I like to put myself in immersion in other cultures. Other usages and customs.

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Philo cafe at Toulouse

Reflection show about a topic, a question of society, organized by the Alderan association.

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Personal website

Among my projects : my personal website. Nowadays, 4 major evolutions since its creation in 2001.

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Science-fiction and fantastic

Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate. The stars are there. I also enjoy fantastic and the anticipation genre.

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Personal website of photos

A site for the pleasure of the eyes :) The desire to create a photo album. A poem welcomes you...

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4X games

Civilization IV. Civilization: Call to Power. Rise of Nations. Video games that are a regular recreation.

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Ô temps ! suspends ton vol... It happens to me from time to time to write some poems.

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'Gender cafe' album

A digital creation to celebrate an anniversary and learn more about gender :)

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Social networks

I regularly surf on social networks. Facebook and linkedIN mainly. To share information and feelings.

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'Women's March 2017' album

A creation to celebrate a solidarity march to work together for the defense of Human Rights :)

To see my professional projects, consult the web page "My professional life".

by Sonia Kanclerski, 26/02/2024.