A short biography

My full names are Sonia Kanclerski spouse Javouhey.

A photo of the Town Hall in Descartes.

I am a native of Touraine, from Descartes (the native town of the philosopher René Descartes), in the Indre-et-Loire department (France). My natal town is Châtellerault in the Vienne department (25 kms from Descartes).

A photo of the center town in Muret.

I live now at Muret, near Toulouse, in the Occitanie region, in the South of France.

Coat of arms of Poland.

I am rich with a double social culture: France and Poland; my ancestors are from Poland.

A representation of computer science in engineering.

I am an INSA engineer (35th promotion, studies end in 2002). My favourite fields are automatics, electronics and computing. I am currently an engineer in IT development.

An illustration of mystery.

I am a curious mind person, keen on sciences, interested in the mysteries (and paths to lead to their resolution or/and their no-resolution), and fond of sport.

A photo of the 'Lady of Heart' rose.

Besides, I am the proud mother of two children: Nathan and Flora. I am married and the lucky chosen of my heart is Christophe Javouhey.


by Sonia Kanclerski, 26/02/2024.